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Therapeutic Classes

A Yoga Wellness Therapeutic Class is designed to bring out the best in each student and is rooted in the Viniyoga tradition. Viniyoga is an approach to yoga that adapts the practice to the unique condition, needs and interests of each individual. Viniyoga provides tools for the individual's process of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Participants in a Yoga Wellness Therapeutic Class can expect to:

  • enhance breath and body awareness
  • improve function, range of motion and balance
  • increase circulation
  • enhance flexibility
  • reduce pain
  • release chronic contraction
  • stabilize what is unstable and strengthen what is weak
  • experience relaxation through meditation

Therapeutic Classes include:

  • a focus on the function of a pose as opposed to form
  • careful attention to sequencing, designed to achieve specific outcomes for each practice
  • use of repetition in and out of the posture in addition to holding postures
  • an emphasis on breath as the medium for movement in posture and the science of adapting the pattern of breathing to produce different effects
  • resting comfortably in a posture to deepen muscular release and rehabilitate connective tissue
  • use of asymmetrical postures to protect the spine and rebalance muscle patterning
  • focus on sequences to strengthen the muscular structure supporting the neck/shoulders, back and hips/pelvis
  • self healing practices
  • body knowledge and awareness techniques

A therapeutic practice is largely a combination of Vini, Yin and Yang, Vinyasa and Shiatsu yoga synchronized with the breath.

Viniyoga means "appropriate application" or "to notice and begin where you are right now". It is a therapeutic specific practice that addresses the muscular structure, physiological and emotional body.

Yin and Yang is from Taoist yoga and is excellent for releasing connective tissue and building muscle.

Vinyasa is movement and sequence methodology. Shiatsu incorporates range of movement that gently massages the body, and includes self-acupressure and massage techniques.

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What People Say

"I found the classes provided an excellent space for relaxation and I always left feeling energized. I also felt the yoga provided a key component of whole body wellness that was lacking from my other physical activities." - Dr. Jeff Gusdal, MD

"The classes provide a nice balance of asana, meditation/relaxation and breath work. I enjoy the varied nature of each 10 week session. Edie's teaching style has allowed me to discover, at my own pace, the benefits of yoga. I have developed a keener sense of my body and how it is aligned with my mind and spirit." - Hanae Kiyooka, Homemaker

"Subtly and certainly, I have noticed a great increase in my sense of well-being and strength since starting classes with Edie 15 years ago. Yoga Wellness classes have become an essential part of managing my diabetes and general health, and maintaining my energy and good spirits." - Kerry Mulholland, Communications Manager