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Jin Shin Do Therapy

Jin Shin Do is an Asian Bodywork Therapy that is based on breathing techniques and the ancient principles of Japanese and Chinese acupressure. Acupressure therapy stimulates points that conduct bioelectrical impulses in the body that release neurochemicals called endorphins. As a result pain is relieved, circulation increased and health enhanced.

When a point is pressed muscles relax, allowing blood and energy to flow freely and toxins to be released. Increased circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area stimulating the body's natural self-curative abilities.

Whether to relieve pain, tension from stress or prevent illness, this therapeutic art deeply releases tension and balances the flows and functions of the body.


Treatments are for Yoga Wellness students only - $89 per hour or 3 for $240

Call Edie at (780) 466-6548 to register

What Clients Say

"I have taken regular Jin Shin Do treatments for 3 years and it has helped me with relaxation for stress. I have developed body awareness, improved muscle function and have reduced my pain due to Cerebral Palsy." - Gavin